Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps - The Ethical Delima, Greed or Kindness

"I ONCE said greed is good ... but now it seems it's legal." Gordon Gekko

Now if you all have seen Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and the Original Wall Street films, you will notice that Gordon Gekko, (Michael Douglas) is one sly, greedy bastard. However I said to myself after watching the movie, what would you do with the 100 million? Would you give it back or do what he did reap a 1000% return making well over a billion dollars and giving back the original $100 million and pocketing the rest. Throughout the course of the movie I watch Gekko come from Jail and worm himself back into his daughters life, in order to gain the $100 million that he put in her name. She could see this coming but her stupid boyfriend, Jake Moore, (Shia LaBeouf) saw Gekko as a valuable asset in both his girlfriend and his own life. However what he did not see coming was Gekko completely screwing him over.

Personally I thought his mastermind role was a mixture of angel and devil, bad and good, maybe a bit of both. I think the ending shows us that trust is indeed fragile, and gives us an understanding of the bubble theory of life, which is what this movie is about, Gordon Gekko and the economy. Personally i think that making money and being successful is part of the American ethos.

What would you do if you had the chance to gain an investment 10x of the original value and give back the original 100 million to his daughter and her boyfriend, or would you simply be ethical and give the money back?

Here's the trailer for you to see what you think, personally though I say go watch it for sure!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Inception Cont.

Following on from yesterdays post about whether or not the ending of inception was or wasn't a dream.

Through looking around the seemingly endless internetz I've found some interesting websites and thoughts on this very topic: - Shares an idea that every single second of the movie is a dream, and it merely takes place at different levels say a dream in a dream and so on.
- Not so much a different view as answers to questions that many people find themselves asking

There’s BILLIONS of other websites discussing this very topic, and if your still interested just Google "inception a dream or not" or something similar and get to reading!

Inception. Dream or Reality?

I realize this may be abit late BUT inception was ONE HELL of a movie but I have seen this movie a number of times now but i still am questioning that one final scene.

We all can recall that gripping final scene in inception where we as the audience are left with the torturous top spinning but it almost toppling over, we are led to question if Cobb is in reality or in another dream.

I guess people can argue that Cobb is indeed still in a dream as when he was with Yusuf he gave Cobb the sedative sleeping drug in the basement with all the other sleeping men, he woke up from the dream where Mal had entered went to the bathroom and spun the top.  This followed by Satio entering and the top falling down from Cobb knocking it.  We know from this point it is uncertain if the top fell or if its a subtle hint if he is in reality.  Additionally when he saw his kids at the end of the film, we did not see a change of clothes or age as the last time Cobb was with them was well a year over.

However the argument for reality cold be that during the course of this film you see the totem spin straight and never wobbles as if its going to fall.  He also states that in the dream world it never falls. In the last frame of the film, we see the totem wobble as if it will fall, which will not occur in the dream world.  This leaves the audience led to believe that Cobb is now in reality!

I myself remain highly confused about the state we are left in with these two large dilemmas, are we in a dream or are we back in reality...

What do you think?